In the Post-Covid world,
Managers are under tremendous pressure.

They have to deliver results while supporting the well-being of their teams.

Our multidisciplinary team of counselors and coaches can help you in this journey.

Or assess your organisation and leadership
preparedness for dealing with the new normal

We are a team of coaches and counselors. Most of us have also run our own business, startup and large organisations. We understand change, transition, stress and pressure.
We also understand empathy and healthy workplace.
We bring all of this to you, to help you become better at what you do.


OUR Services.

Coaching for Managers - One on one.

Workshops for Managers - Batch of 20 

Organizations are demanding more of their employees, in the shorter amount of productive time. Organizations want employees to step up to the current reality and ensure that managers and

their teams work efficiently in the active business phase that is now going to be available.


This means that people managers need to learn new management skills for managing their teams’ emotions as well as productivity. Equipping managers with the necessary toolkit to manage employees to do their best, will help the managers to stabilize their teams.

​Our one on one coaching helps you thrive

  • Our approach - customized to your need

  • Bring in the right expert at the right time - Business Coach, Leadership Coach or Psychologist

  • Designed to resolve specific issues

There is a new skill that is required from HR and people manager’s today. To manage the emotional wellness and energy within their teams and enable coping with the stress and anxiety that the team member might be undergoing.


And neither HR nor people managers have the necessary skills that are needed to support those in distress. Working and managing teams remotely is a new norm during Covid that requires new skills and sensitization. Transitioning to new work environment require trust and better communication.

Our Workshops are designed to support you

  • Our approach - Recognize and Regulate

  • Conducted by multidisciplinary team of a coaches, counselors and psychologists

  • Two sessions of two hours each spread over four weeks




Interactive course suitable for mid to senior managers
Facilitated by a team of therapists, counselors, coaches and business leaders.

Covid-19 has significantly changed the way we manage our organisations and the pressures we feel while adapting to these new changes. Our four week course explores effective ways of working together, how to help staff in distress and things to consider when line managing staff with mental health conditions while working remotely.

Webinar Leaders - To be announced

Learning outcomes

  • Various stress and anxiety factors on teams and impact on performance

  • Identify trigger points, and anticipating issues, and how to address them

  • Planning for impacts of uncertainty and how to manage them

  • Develop coping mechanisms and skills for leaders

  • Building a mentally resilient team and organisation

  • Leveraging coaching and other support for your teams

  • Meditation, Mindfulness and Management of Emotions at workplace

  • Best practices of organisations who have navigated this space successfully


Who should participate

  • Leaders wanting to learn techniques to manage stress in the workplace caused by change and/or disruption due to COVID19

  • Leaders wanting to shift their perspective to a more positive outlook in the face of change or difficulties at work due to lockdown

  • Managers wanting to help teams in developing realistic work goals and a sense of purpose during anxiety and stress

  • Managers wanting to improve their ability to communicate the changing landscape of business honestly and with empathy

  • Leaders having to deal with impending layoffs and staff restructuring

  • Managers interested in building mentally healthy workplaces


  • Four one hour online workshops in small groups

  • Interactive facilitated workshops

  • Limited to 25 participants in each group

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Thomas Edison