In the Post-Covid world,
Organisations are seeking comprehensive solutions to help their leaders.

They want to work with the best experts in the field of mental health & well-being.

Join our multidisciplinary team of experts, counselors and coaches to help organisations in this journey.

We are a team of coaches and counselors.

Most of us have also run our own business, startup and large organisations. We understand change, transition, stress and pressure.
We also understand empathy and healthy workplace.

We want to work with other experts who bring deep knowledge of mental health, well-being, organisational culture and psychology to help our clients.

Frequently asked questions

Ok, I am interested, how do we proceed?

Please fill in this form ( and our team will get in touch with you to evaluate fit with our team and

I am curious, what roles are open?

Great! We are always looking for great people to join us. Our team members come from various backgrounds and experience levels. But all of them have exceptional communication and people skills.
We have on our team - Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Counselors, Business Coaches and Leadership Coaches along with professionals from Human Resources, Healthcare Administration background.

So please send us your details and we will quickly come back with feedback if this is a good fit for you and for us.

Is this a full time employment or can i join as a consultant?

We have both options open. It really depends on how you want to engage with us, full time or part time.

E.g our Elite Coaches and Experts, we expect to engage them once in three months, where as an associate coach & counselor might be engaged every week with a client.

What are the diferrent tiers of engagement?

Elite Experts - Coaches and Counselors Senior Coaches & Counselors Associate Assistant